FMC sells season tickets for the second edition of the CIMCO cycle in the Auditorium, which blends chamber music with other artistic disciplines – News

The Oviedo Municipal Cultural Foundation has approved the second edition of the CIMCO cycle, of interdisciplinary chamber music, whose subscriptions are now on sale, a cycle that blends chamber music with other artistic disciplines such as dance, poetry or painting . the new cycle CIMCO, the new classical music offering of the Municipal Foundation for Culture, includes a total of nine concerts starting on October 15th with the pianist Noelia Rodiles and culminating on June 7th with the Chiaroscuro Quartet. Tickets can be purchased from today Monday until next 11 October with the usual means, and the individual locations from 13 October.

One of the novelties of this year’s CIMCO cycle is that it joins the Contemporary Audiovisual Week, the SACO Week, in an unprecedented collaboration. On March 16, the Spanish Brass group will interact with pianist and composer Albert Guionvart in a concert where they will stage musical pieces of works by Jules Verne, entitled “Les aventures de Monsieur Jules”. In addition, it should be noted that one of the best Spanish harpists, Jose Antonio Domené, will participate in this year’s concert series, with the Galerna Quartet, which will be joined on stage by the Asturian dancer Marta Pardo, who will lead the classical ballet for the premiere. time at CIMCO.

According to the president of the Municipal Culture Foundation, José Luis Costillas, “the quality of this new edition of the CIMCO series, a different way of approaching classical music, is exquisite and will not disappoint. Oviedo audiences will once again have the opportunity to enjoy chamber music in an intimate format with interaction with other artistic disciplines, such as dance, audiovisual or poetry, ”says Costillas.

We include, below, the list of the CIMCO Concert Cycle 2022-2023:

  • OCTOBER 15. NOELIA RODILES “Schubert in Wonderland”. Avilesian pianist who will alternate Schubert’s music with that of the young composer Raquel García Tomás (My old gramophone, Tangible, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland), whose works will be accompanied by audiovisuals by Pere Ginard and by the composer herself.
  • NOVEMBER 16. JOSE ANTONIO DOMENÉ, Harp and Quartet Galerna. “La belle époque”. One of the most renowned harpists in Spain who will be joined by the Galerna Quartet, a group based in Oviedo. Music by Debussy, Maurice Ravel and Camille Saint-Saëns. With the latter composer, Asturian dancer Marta Pardo will join the show, bringing classical ballet to CIMCO for the first time.
  • DECEMBER 17. MARINA PARDO, mezzo soprano & I. Alfageme / A. Montanaro. “Road 66”. Mezzosoprano Marina Pardo arrives on the stage of the CIMCO with a program designed especially for her for her voice and scenic character, accompanied by the musicians Irene Alfageme on the piano and Angelo Montanaro on the clarinet.
  • JANUARY 28. ALBA VENTURA, piano & LINA TUR BONET, violin. “Spanish air”. A recital that will see the collaboration of Rubén M. Larfeuil, violist of Oviedo Filarmonía (OFIL), and the main cellist of the OSPA, Maximilian von Pfeil, to conclude the recital with the Turina Piano Quartet. Also joining the Oviedo poetess Yasmina Álvarez, who will recite poems live.
  • FEBRUARY 11TH. VIENNA FILARMONICA & OSCYL. D. Ottensamer, clarinet; S. Dervaux, bassoon; C. Koncz, violin; M. Diaz, cello; N. Pou, viola; T. Rocha, double bass; JM Asensi, horn. “From perfection to the divine”. CIMCO will present musicians from the acclaimed Vienna Philharmonic to perform Beethoven’s Septimus Op.20. On stage will be the soloists of the Vienna Philharmonic, the clarinetist Daniel Ottensamer, the bassoonist Sophie Dervaux and the violinist C. Koncz.
  • MARCH 16. Collaboration with SACO, SPANISH BRASS & ALBERT GUINOVART, “Les aventures de Monsieur Jules”, with a musical setting on the piano of works by Jules Verne, accompanied by the Spanish Brass quintet.
  • APRIL 12. BAYONA ENSEMBLE “The power of idling”. Minimalism comes to CIMCO with the simplicity of this musical genre with works by Philip Glass, Eric Satie or Arvo Part of this Aragonese Ensemble, with the contemporary dance of the Asturian dancer Rafael Cascón performing the opera Frates.
  • MAY 28th. JOSU DE SOLAUN, piano & ADOLFO GUTIERREZ ARENAS, cello. Jesús Reina, violin / Rumen Csvetkov, Viola “Love and loss”. This concert will merge with the performance of the Asturian actress Carmela Romero, who will give life to the figure of Clara Schumann, key in the relationship between Schumann and Brahms, in the most famous love and musical trio in history.
  • 7 JUNE. CHIAROSCURO QUARTET “Lights and shadows”. The Chiaroscuro Quartet will close the CIMCO review with the performance of the well-known violinist Alina Ibragimova, the violinist Pablo Herna? N Benedi?, The violist Emilie Ho? Rnlund and the cellist Claire Thirion.

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