Flying eagle wings, LCK logo changed

▲ LCK’s new brand logo was revealed (Photo courtesy of Riot Games)

League of Legends (hereinafter referred to as lol) League of Legends Champions Korea (hereinafter referred to as LCK), which hosts the Korean professional league of e-sports, unveiled the brand launching film’We Make Legends’ in the 2021 season and introduced a newly transformed brand logo.

LCK has collaborated with leading brands such as’UEFA Champions League’,’Premier League’, and’Airbnb’, along with a design studio, a global branding company in the UK, and LCK active players, cast members, fans, officials, etc. Based on the opinions of league members, we have been working on a new branding.

LCK, which will introduce a franchise system from the 2021 season, announced a launching film and brand microsite containing new branding contents through LCK’s official social channel on the 13th, ahead of the opening of the 2021 spring regular league, and said,’We Make a Legend. Legends)’ brand spirit was revealed.

LCK said, “We have gathered the opinions of various members, and the’legendary’ they say is victory and defeat, perseverance and challenge beyond players or teams that have achieved unprecedented achievements, pride in the world’s best league, LCK, a sparkling rivalry, and fierce “I was able to confirm that it meant all the moments that embroidered LCK, which has made legends such as competition, and the future to be created.”

The newly unveiled logo is based on LCK’s unique temperament, confidence and refinement. The logo, made up of two simple triangles, represents the future and the past, both camps of’Summoner’s Rift’, and embodies the powerfully stretched wings of a flying bird. Meanwhile, the history of LCK was inherited by reinterpreting the geometric elements of the star shape and angle of the existing LCK logo. The new logo will be used in a variety of areas, from 2D and 3D environments, broadcast screens to MD products, to give league viewers a new experience.

▲ LCK logo used previously (Photo courtesy of Riot Games)

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As the design principles,’minimalism’,’contrast’, and a unique atmosphere were mainly used to express awe, pride, and confidence in LCK. In addition, the visual experience of dramatic moments will be maximized with graphic elements utilizing patterns composed of letters, newly designed icons, and 3D representations of nexus crystals and explosion scenes. The new font reveals a bold and impressive sense of scale through its wide width and unique shape, and is used with other design elements such as contrast, color, and icons to show a contrast effect. LCK’s own Korean font is also being developed and will be applied later.

LCK CEO Oh Sang-heon said, ““LCK aims to become a global premier sports league that encompasses generations,” and “It is a brand that fits the status of the league in keeping with the franchise’s start while inheriting the history of LCK that has been around since 2012. I felt the need to have power,” he explained. He continued, “The new brand of LCK will be the first step in the growth and development that LCK will achieve in the future, and LCK will provide the best sports experience through constant innovation, technology, and building a healthy league ecosystem.”

Ellis Santangelo, Creative Director of Design Studio, who collaborated with LCK branding, said, “Recognized as home to some of the best roll esports players, LCK has the richest history and continues to set the standard for esports.” She continued, “The spirit of “We Make Legends” pays homage to LCK’s brilliant past and contains a forward-looking spirit.” “LCK’s recapture of the 2020 World Championship is what we all have been waiting for. And the LCK is ready for a new era.”

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Meanwhile, LCK has reached a new fork in the 2021 season by declaring the introduction of the franchise system. In addition to various changes such as the establishment of the 2nd Army League and the increase in the player’s minimum annual salary, e-Sports will continue to take on a new challenge to become a’multi-generation’ sport with a sustainable ecosystem. It plans to announce changes to the LCK in the 2021 season soon.

▲ LCK rebranding launch commemorative video (Video source: LCK official YouTube)

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