Flying 8,000 km, wildfires in the US reached Europe

ILLUSTRATION. The Bay Bridge is seen under an orange sky due to smoke from California wildfires in San Francisco, California, USA, September 9, 2020.

Reporter: SS. Kurniawan | Editor: SS Kurniawan

KONTAN.CO.ID – PARIS. The smoke from the wildfires that destroyed much of the West Coast of the United States (US) has reached Europe.

Satellite data from the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) shows that the wildfires currently raging in the states of California, Oregon and Washington are “tens to hundreds of times bigger” than any other fire since 2013.

The smoke from the fires trapped across western North America for days caused potentially dangerous air quality in major cities, such as Portland, Oregon, Vancouver, and San Francisco.

However, the weather changed on Monday (14/9), bringing smoke to the East. The New York Metro Weather website said Tuesday (15/9), smoke was visible in the sky in New York.

CAMS said it had tracked smoke particles from wildfires on the US West Coast as far as 8,000 kilometers to the East and had reached Northern Europe.

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They estimate that the flames, which are significantly more likely to occur as the planet warms, have spewed more than 30 million tonnes of carbon dioxide since mid-August.

“The scale and magnitude of these fires are at a much higher level than the last 18 years based on our monitoring data since 2003,” said Mark Parrington, senior scientist at CMAS, Wednesday (16/9), as quoted Channel News Asia.

“The fact that these fires emit so much pollution into the atmosphere that we can still see thick smoke more than 8,000 kilometers away reflects how devastating the fires were in magnitude and duration,” he said.

The fires have scorched nearly two million hectares of forest and land on the West Coast of the US, or the size of the State of New Jersey, with the death toll at 35 and could increase.


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Reporter: SS. Kurniawan
Editor: SS Kurniawan





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