Fly More Quietly with Health Protection + COVID-19


JAKARTA – Currently leaving holidaybecomes something that sucks the mind. This is reasonable because there is still worry due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Various solutions have begun to be offered. One of them is from the Pegipegi travel company.

Pegipegi issues a special Pegipegi Travel Protection service that not only provides protection against losses, but also the risks posed by travelby plane, but also health protection until COVID-19.

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Through Pegipegi Travel Protection, Pegipegi provides financial coverage for a number of unexpected events before flying, during flight, and after flying. Unlike other travel insurance, this travel insurance purchase and claim process provides the most complete protection with additional health and COVID-19 protection, affordable prices, easy processing, and instant claims.

Pegipegi Travel Protection is a comprehensive travel insurance that is more complete, with the most complete protection, easy process, and instant claims.

Pegipegi Chief Marketing Officer Serlina Wijaya said, a sense of security and cleanliness are very important factors in this era of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lifestyles and people’s behavior have changed, especially in terms of traveling.

Serlina explained, Pegipegi as an Online Travel Agent (OTA) always tries to answer and meet the needs of the community by providing complete travel insurance services with additional health protection and COVID-19 at an affordable price.

“Along with the implementation of this new normal situation, we see that interest in traveling is increasing again. This can be seen from the number of airplane ticket bookings in Pegipegi which shows an increase. “Based on the ordering data at Pegipegi, during the long weekend at the end of August, there was an increase in flight ticket bookings by up to 20%,” he said.



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