Flu vaccination rate among people with indication increased again in 2020


Over the past three years, the percentage of people with an indication who had been vaccinated against flu rose from 50% in 2017, to 53% in 2019, to 54% or 57% in 2020. The results are the result of the annual Vaccination Rate Monitor NPG ( National Program Influenza Prevention) of the Nivel, on behalf of the RIVM. A possible explanation for the increase in vaccination coverage in 2020 is that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people have come to see the importance of vaccination against the flu.

The group of people who are at increased risk of complications from the flu consists of people 60 years of age or older and people with certain medical conditions. In the autumn they will receive an invitation for vaccination from their GP.+

Vaccination rate against pneumococci 73% in 2020

In 2020, in addition to the annual flu vaccination campaign, the first campaign of the National Pneumococcal Vaccination Program for Adults (NPPV) was held. All people born in 1941 to 1947 were invited for this vaccination and 73% were vaccinated. Because this is the first year of the NPPV, no comparison with previous years can be made.
There is a strong correlation between pneumococcal vaccination and influenza vaccination. All people in the target group of the NPPV are older than 60 years and are therefore also eligible for flu vaccination based on their age. People who received a pneumococcal vaccination almost always also received a flu vaccination (91%). Of the people who did not get vaccinated against pneumococci, 24% wanted a flu vaccination.
Find out more: open the abbreviated report or the detailed report NPPV 2020.

Monitors map flu and pneumococcal vaccinations

For the Vaccination Degree NPG 2020 Monitor and the Vaccination Degree NPPV 2020 Monitor, data from Nivel Care Registries Primary Care has been used. Using pseudonymised, non-traceable data from the electronic health records of participating general practices, the target groups for influenza vaccination and for pneumococcal vaccination were mapped, and the numbers of people who had been vaccinated were subsequently determined. The Vaccination Degree NPG 2020 Monitor and the Vaccination Degree NPPV Monitor were carried out by Nivel on behalf of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and are part of the National Influenza Prevention Program (NPG) and the National Pneumococcal Vaccination Program for Adults (NPPV).

National Flu Prevention Program

The National Flu Prevention Program has been running in the Netherlands since 1997. The Center for Population Research of the RIVM, on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, is in charge of this program nationally. Every year, people with a high risk of complications from an influenza infection (flu) are invited for vaccination. With the annual Vaccination Rate Monitor, Nivel closely monitors how many people in which target groups receive the flu vaccination and what the vaccination rate is accordingly. By mid-2022, Nivel will report the campaign’s vaccination coverage in October – November 2021.

National Pneumococcal Vaccination Program for Adults (NPPV)

The National Pneumococcal Vaccination Adult Program (NPPV) was launched in 2020. Every year, people from certain birth years are invited for pneumococcal vaccination, with everyone between the ages of 60 and 79 being invited for revaccination once every five years. As for the NPG, the vaccination rate is monitored with an annual monitor.



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