Florinda Meza boasts a photo waiting for the vaccine

Florinda Meza boasts a photo waiting for the vaccine. Photo: IG florindamezach1


Covid-19 vaccination for older adults continues throughout the country. And in the ranks you can also see different celebrities and celebrities, such as the recent case of Florinda Meza, widow of Roberto Gómez Bolaños ‘Chespirito’, and who became famous for her characters in El Chavo del 8.

Through her Instagram account, the 72-year-old actress boasted a photo where she is seen sitting on the sidewalk and lining up to receive the vaccine and without anticipating despite being a person very loved by Mexicans.

Democratically waiting for the vaccine against covid 19. I just took off the mask for the photo, “he wrote.

‘Linda’ / ‘We love you very much’ / ‘God bless you’ / ‘We send you a hug’, were some of the comments received by the person who gave life to ‘Doña Florinda’.

On the other hand, in the same social network, he asked his followers to take care of themselves and not go out during this Easter holiday period.

“On vacation in the middle of a pandemic? … Better go take care of your grandmother … Treasures, do not get together with so many rabble”

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