Florida de Clucellas and Libertad de Sunchales will open the 6th date

La Flora and El Cañoñero hand in hand this Monday.
(Photo: Libertad de Sunchales website)

This Monday, in the town of Clucellas, Florida (2 pts.) and Libertad de Sunchales (8 pts.) will start a new date of the Closing Tournament of the Rafaelina Soccer League.

The local team with a weak campaign will need to add three to escape to the bottom of the standings. For their part, the sunchalenses, with a win, would remain as the only escort of Ben Hur, only two points but with one more game.

The advance corresponds to the fact that Libertad de Sunchales is one of the representative teams of the Rafaelina Soccer League that will participate in the 3rd phase of the Santa Fe Cup this weekend. The aurinegro rival will be La Salle Jobson de Santa Fe.

6th Date – Closing Tournament – First A LRF
Florida of Clucellas Vs. Freedom of Sunchales
Monday 08/01 – Clucellas – Hours: 22.00

first table

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