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La Floriade will cost the municipality of Almere another million euros. Four days after the end of the event, it has become clear that the expected loss is 6.6 million euros more than previously thought.

The World Horticulture Exhibition attracted far fewer visitors than initially anticipated. One and a half million paying visitors were assumed. After the inauguration in April, that number had already been raised to 800,000 visitors and subsequently to 680,000 visitors. However, it is uncertain whether that number will be reached, reports the college of mayors and councilors to the city council.

Millions of losses

Due to the disappointing visitor numbers, the costs for Almere have further increased. The total loss suffered by the municipality of Almere on the Floriade is close to 100 million euros, he writes Flevoland transmission.

Until the summer, the municipality of Almere totaled almost 85 million euros in expenses for the Floriade written off as a deficit. As a result, the city has spent more than eight times more on the event than it was estimated in 2012. That € 6.6 million now adds up.

About 42 million are due to the disappointing number of visitors. In addition, the municipality provided 66 million euros in loans to Floriade from 2016 to last July to organize the exhibition. It is known that 43 million euros cannot be repaid.

The commission does not report where the extra loss of this € 6.6 million came from. More details are expected to be announced on Thursday. The budget for the year 2023 will then be presented to the city council.

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