Florence, inmate escapes from the court injuring agent. It’s a manhunt – Chronicle

The Palace of Justice in Florence and, in the box, the escaped man

Florence, 17 September 2020 – Fear in court in Florence, where at around 2 pm on Thursday a prisoner, that was in the Palace of Justice for a hearing, he managed to escape and also wounded an officer. Moments of tension and excitement, then the man, handcuffed, managed to lose track. It is about Aymen Abidi, Tunisian, 25 years old.

The man was arrested in Florence last July after another escape: the one from Germany, where he was wanted for a shooting, in Florence. In the Tuscan capital the Mobile team spotted him and arrested him (READ THE ARTICLE OF JULY). Abidi was taken to court for a hearing on Thursday morning.

After the hearing, he managed to evade surveillance by wounding a prison officer in the chin. He then managed to escape, despite being handcuffed, apparently climbing on a fence. The manhunt immediately started. Law enforcement agencies search Abidi everywhere. All the places frequented by North Africans have been beaten: the 25-year-old may have found coverage from fellow countrymen but at the moment all searches have been in vain.

It comes anyway of a dangerous man. The shooting in which he was the protagonist took place in the surroundings of Leipzig. A 47-year-old Serbian citizen was seriously injured in the neck. The police immediately went to look for Abidi who, even in that case, had managed to escape and managed to get to Florence. Then the capture and detention. Now he ran away again.

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