Florence, anti-drug blitz: Albanian organization dismantled, dozens of arrests

Twenty arrests and vanquished a criminal group capable of importing tons of cocaine from South America into Europe, using commercial shipping routes having Antwerp, Rotterdam and Bremen as ports of arrival. This is what was discovered by the state police, as part of an operation coordinated by the Florence prosecutor’s office that led to numerous arrests of people, all of Albanian origin, in execution of pre-trial detention measures in prison.

In total, 31 pre-trial detention measures have been ordered. During the investigations, more than 5.5 million euros and almost 4 tons of cocaine were also seized. Those arrested are accused in various ways of criminal association aimed at international drug trafficking, possession and drug dealing. The arrests involved the Italian cities of Florence, Genoa, Modena, Pisa and Lucca, as well as a number of foreign countries including Albania, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Greece, Holland, Romania, Hungary and Ecuador.
For the prosecution, the recipients of the measures were at the head of an Albanian cartel called ‘Kompania Bello’, based on an organization, explains the police, “in all respects parallel to that of the big South American cartels” and which is to be considered “the undisputed and top point of reference for Albanian groups specialized in drug trafficking”. The cocaine imported by the cartel even had its own logo, ‘Bello’, stamped on the blocks. The cartel had ramifications in Italy, Holland, Belgium, Ecuador, Austria, Switzerland, France, Switzerland, France, Norway, Turkey, Germany.


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