Floor is Lava: what’s in the lava?


Unless you’re under a (volcanic) rock, you’ve probably seen it pass Floor is Lava on Netflix, a game show inspired by a children’s game where it is claimed that the floor is made of lava.

The competition Floor is Lava oppose teams of friends who all have the same objective: to overcome an obstacle course without falling into the “lava”. The team that manages to get as many people as possible through, with the fastest time, wins the prize.

Obviously, the floor is not actually made of lava! But what is it, exactly? By watching the program, we see that the liquid used is visibly hot, but also slippery. In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, the creators of the show Irad Eyal and Megan McGrath offered some clues.

Declaring that the recipe remains a Hollywood secret, the creators of the series nevertheless explained that many factors came into play to find the right formula.

“We asked the biggest chemists and manufacturers of viscous substances in Hollywood to produce our lava. We’ve done a ton of research on what lava looks like, and how it moves, and how it shines. We tried to really create this effect with ours. We spent months testing different washes and different formulas, “said McGrath.

“The reason we keep it secret is because it really took a long time to [trouver la bonne formule]. Do you want lava to shine? “Ah, easy,” said the chemists, “we can just add glowing chemicals.” Well, it turns out that these products are carcinogenic. Adds Eyal. “It took a long time to figure out exactly how to boil the lava, make it flow, that it was slippery, viscous and also to be sure that people could be submerged for several minutes, hours, whatever, and get out safely. “

Well, that doesn’t exactly answer our questions, but at least the experience remains safe. When participants don’t hit each other on the couch, of course.


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