Floods, closed roads and landslides due to heavy rains in Galicia

The heavy rains that have been registered in the last hours in Galicia, especially in the provinces of A Coruña and Pontevedra, have caused more than 330 incidents, according to data from 112 Galicia. The most frequent interventions have been due to flooding on roads, streets, homes and basements, as well as the formation of pockets of water on the roads (233 between Friday and this Saturday). There have also been tree falls (48 in total) and actions by emergency teams to prevent greater risks (38).

By provinces, of the 335 total incidents, 235 have occurred in A Coruña; 69, in Pontevedra; 23, in Lugo; and seven, in Ourense. In towns in the north of A Coruña the rivers have overflowed, as has been the case of the Cádavo in Fene. There several streets have had to be cut due to the amount of water.

For this same reason, traffic has also remained closed on the AG-64 highway as it passes through Narón between kilometers 6 and 13, although traffic has already been restored.

The emergency center has also received notices of a landslide and stones on the train track as it passes through Ferrol, on Calle de las Cardosas. Renfe personnel are working at the point to restore rail transit as soon as possible.

In Muros (A Coruña), part of a chapel has collapsed in the Plaza de San Pedro. The area was marked and, according to 112, there is no danger of new landslides.

Data from Meteogalicia show that the heaviest rains have been recorded in the A Coruña towns of Lousame, Val do Dubra and Narón, with more than 69 liters of water per square meter. As for the wind, which has also been noticeable on this stormy day, the strongest gusts have been reached in Cuntis (A Coruña), with values ​​of over 100 kilometers per hour.

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The Xunta maintains the alert phase of the Special Flood Plan for Galicia (Inungal) active in seven rivers in the provinces of A Coruña and Pontevedra for exceeding the overflow level. Specifically, the situation is worrying in the Mera (Ortigueira), Rego das Mestas (Valdoviño), Mandeo (Aranga), Mendo (Betanzos), Tambre (Oroso), Dubra-Tambre (Val do Dubra) and Lérez (Pontevedra) rivers. In addition, the Lagares (Vigo) and Sar (Santiago) basins are under observation and in the pre-alert phase.

Meteogalicia warns that this front is being more active in the northwest, but it is expected that from the afternoon it will move to the south. Thus, the most outstanding accumulations will occur in the province of Pontevedra. The General Directorate of Emergencies and Interior of the Second Vice Presidency of the Xunta maintains an orange alert for rain in the southwest of A Coruña. The Aemet has also activated the yellow level due to rain in the entire province of Pontevedra, as well as in the west and south of the province of Ourense.

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