Flood disaster strikes Berkovitsa: houses washed away, streets flooded, people evacuated

Because of the torrents, the river overflowed in the town of Berkovitsa this afternoon. People have been evacuated. There are washed away streets and bridges as well as flooded houses. No injuries were reported in the “Rakovitsa” district.

According to eyewitnesses, the Rakovska river has left its bed, and its waters have dragged everything in its path, forming plugs on one of the bridges.

The water dragged a bus nearly 200 meters, driving it into one of the houses in the neighborhood. According to initial estimates, there is no house along the river where water has not entered. An excavator has already managed to clear the plug of debris on the bridge to allow the water to drain away and allow people to return to the neighborhood, reported NOVA.

The municipality of Berkovitsa is expected to declare a partial state of emergency for the “Rakovitsa” district and the neighboring village of Burziya.

2023-06-01 17:12:00

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