Flitsmeister warns of approaching ambulances


Thu 08 October 2020 4.55 pm

DRACHTEN – Users of the Flitsmeister app will from now on be warned of an approaching ambulance. Kijlstra Ambulancezorg concluded an agreement with Flitsmeister to share the vehicle locations of the Frisian (and also Drenthe) ambulances via a link (LSIV and AZN).

Sietze Kijlstra, Managing Director of Kijlstra Ambulance Care is pleased with this collaboration: “Our ambulance drivers regularly experience how badly they are sometimes noticed by other road users. It helps that the users of Flitsmeister are warned in good time about ambulances approaching urgently. road safety and benefits the transportation of our patients. “

In the Flitsmeister app, the situation remains unchanged for the users. If there is an ambulance with optical sound signals (OPGS) in the vicinity, Flitsmeister sends the app user a warning with images and audio. This allows motorists to anticipate the – urgently – approaching ambulance in a more timely manner.

Previously, only some of the ambulances were visible via the Flitsmeister app. This went through third-party systems. Due to the link with the national AZN server, the required data is sent directly from the source to Flitsmeister. As a result, the
ambulances of Kijlstra Ambulancezorg and UMCG Ambulancezorg in Friesland and Drenthe can now all be seen in Flitsmeister.

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