Flights in Planica were dominated by native Slovenes, Kobayashi is a step away from the overall triumph

Geiger, who was only nineteen after the first round, fought in the second round and, with a flight of 232.5 meters, moved seven places to 12th position. But Kobayashi was also able to respond with improvements, showing one of the longest attempts of the second round of 237 meters and moving from ninth to fifth place. As a result, he has increased the current lead of 66 points by another 23 and he should not lose the second trophy for the overall victory in the World Cup in his career.

The Slovenians have dominated the home mammoth bridge since the first round, after which they even had the first five to have. In the middle of the race, Zimi Zajc led Jelar and Domen Prevc. However, the second attempt, unlike Jelar, who followed the meter of 239 meters, did not succeed so much and Peter Prevc and Anže Lanišek moved to the podium.

Photo: Darko Bandic, CTK / AP

The World Championships in Planica ended in a total triumph of the native Slovenes. From left, Peter Prevc, winner Žiga Jelar, and third, Anže Lanišek.Photo: Darko Bandic, CTK / AP

The Czech representatives did not intervene in the race. Čestmír Kožíšek and František Lejsek did not succeed in the same way as at the previous SP air stop in Oberstdorf. On Saturday, a team competition without Czech participation is on the agenda in Planice, and on Sunday the last individual race will close the season.

World Cup in skiing in Planica (Slovenia)
1. Jelar (Slovenian) 468,2 b. (232+239 m)
2. P. Prevc (Slovenian) 464,8 (226+237)
3. Lanišek (Slovenian) 458,5 (230+230,5)
4. Zajc (Slovin.) 454,8 (228+224)
5. R. Kobayashi (Jap.) 452,8 (223,5+237)
6. Power (Rak.) 450,3 (222+228,5)
7. D. Prevc (Slovenian) 443,5 (234,5+220)
8. J. Sato (Jap.) 442,9 (231,5+238,5)
9. Granerud (Nor.) 442,2 (229,5+234,5)
10. Fettner (Rak.) 441,8 (227+231)
SP standings (after 27 of 28 races)
1. R. Kobayashi 1589
2. Geiger (DEU) 1500
Granerud 1205
4. Lindvik (Nor.) 1131
5. Kraft 1045
6. Eisenbichler (DEU) 943
74. Koudelka (CZE) 4

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