Flies to his death in an investigation in Santa Justa (With Photos) – Sorraia News

A screening occurred around 9 am on Saturday, 30
Maio, on Estrada Municipal 590, in the town of Santa Justa, parish of
Couço, municipality of Coruche, caused the death of a 70-year-old man, the only
occupant of the light passenger vehicle.

The accident occurred when the vehicle, which was in the
towards Montargil – Couço, when leaving a curve, he entered the investigation, having
crossing the irrigation channel through the air, immobilizing on the other bank.

At the accident site, the marks of the investigation were visible,
with the signaling of the bridge that makes the crossing of the channel to be completely
destroyed, which shows the violence with which the clash took place.

According to reports at the site, the sand that is accumulated
on the side of the road linked to some excessive speed, or ignorance
of the road on the part of the driver, it may have caused the screening, which would
to prove fatal.

The Coruche Municipal Firefighters, the SIV Ambulance at Ponte Sor, and the National Republican Guard came to the scene, with a total of 15 operational, supported by 6 vehicles.

The GNR Traffic Accident Investigation Nucleus is now investigating the causes of the occurrence.

Motorcycle screening at Courelas da Amoreirinha causes 2

About 20 minutes after the alert for this occurrence, the
a motorcycle, on Estrada Nacional 119, in the area of ​​Courelas da
Amoreirinha, municipality of Coruche, caused minor injuries to two people.

Volunteer firefighters from
Benavente, and the National Republican Guard, totaling 6 operational,
supported by 3 vehicles.

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The wounded were transported to the District Hospital of
Vila Franca de Xira.

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