Flemish ombudsman is tired of complaints about cancellations and asks not to just book a trip: “Patience is on”

You read that right: the complaints handler is tired of the complaints. Since the start of the corona crisis, the Flemish ombudsman service has therefore had to deal with hundreds of complaints about trips that were subsequently canceled. “It’s just an inundation, people are looking in all sorts of ways to, for example, get a refund for their canceled flight,” says the ombudsman.

And finding a solution is not always easy, he emphasizes. “Last year, when Thomas Cook went bankrupt, the Guarantee Fund worked well. But now we are in a different situation,” says Weekers. Some insurers do offer insurance that provides reimbursement if a trip cannot take place. “I still want to see the fine print of those insurances, but anyway, it will only become clear in March what those insurances are worth,” says Weekers.

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