Flavio Briatore: «Covid, I felt alone. Sardinia? Attack on the rich and on right-wing nightclubs “

Flavio Briatore, how are you after three weeks of Covid-19 and two negative swabs?
“Well, I just walked nearly three miles. I’m in Munich, I have resumed normal work as before».

What symptoms did you have?
«Last year, with pneumonia, I had been much worse than now. Now, apart from the prostatitis for which I went to the hospital, I only had two days of a fever of 38. But I know it’s not like that at all.

How was the quarantine at Daniela Santanchè’s home?
“The problem was spending the hours alone. I read the newspapers, phoned, watched TV. The loneliness and the impossibility of seeing my son were ugly ».

What were you afraid of when you discovered it was positive?
“It’s not that I was afraid since I didn’t feel so bad, but the infection surprised me: I left Sardinia on the 18th, took a test – negative – 19, and the swab was just as usual for hospitalization. However, in my life, I have spent a lot of time between operations and hospitals and I believe in destiny: the moment comes or not. I told myself that I was at the San Raffaele in Milan, a center of excellence, with fantastic doctors and nurses who give you the feeling that you know what they do. I took it easy and took what they gave me. ”

He was listed among the virus deniers. Have you changed your mind?
“I only agreed with Dr. Alberto Zangrillo when he said that the virus was clinically non-existent, not that it no longer existed at all. I said that doctors today know and treat Covid better. Then, I took it and got confirmation. I never said not to be careful, just that the country cannot be stopped ».

Do you still think that virologists have terrorized Italy?
“On a delicate subject such as health, we would need experts who say the same thing, not that yellow, blue, green is true …”.

How are the employees of the Billionaire?
“All well, 80 percent were asymptomatic and the boy with a more severe lung problem is coming out of intensive care. The positives, however, were thirty, not 100 or 120 as I have read. Reading figures at random, I kept asking my managers: how many are there? And they: thirty ».

He could make a statement.
«It would have been useless: the Sardinia case was a politically orchestrated media attack and the Billionarie was exploited because it is known all over the world. The message was that everyone here had the virus and zero in Emilia: only the right-wing discos had Coronavirus, the left-wing ones didn’t. ”

In saying “political and media attack” he uses the words of Governor Christian Solinas.
“Of course: it was an attack on a right-wing governor, using the Costa Smeralda where the rich go and using Briatore. Instead, Solinas had an island Covid free, he asked for the negativity test for those who entered and they did not grant it to him ».

For Minister Francesco Boccia, “the rules worked everywhere except in Sardinia”.
“The island had ten million tourists and 1,300 positive and in the media it appeared as the hotbed of the outbreaks, but the virus arrived when the boys landed from Ibiza and Greece without controls”.

In retrospect, what did you do wrong with employees?
“We have a thousand in the world. What fault do I have and what fault do they have if we work? Do I have to fire a thousand people? In Montecarlo, in London, we have always been open. Do I have to apologize for giving work? It seems madness to me. ‘

So what went wrong in the clubs? She had only planned dinner and a show. Then, the region gave the green light to the ball. Would it have been better not to dance?
«I don’t dispute the norm. Our managers have agreed on the capacity with the authorities and there have been infections in all the discos, in Sardinia, in Emilia, Tuscany, Puglia… ».

In short, the government didn’t even have to stop the dancing on August 17th?
“I say this: if the discos didn’t open, where did the kids go? They would have vented on the beach and in the houses with the distance of an inch and a half ».

In the Corriere, Antonio Polito recounted an Italy divided between right-wing deniers and prudent leftists (Click here to read the full article), between those who want to produce and those who want to protect. Is that so?
“We forgot about the real problems. We have to use masks and so on, but we have to restart the economy. The bulletins should be given once a week, giving them every day scares and distracts from unemployment, poverty, delays in the payment of benefits and inability of the government. People are still waiting for the layoffs in April and May, but I had Covid and I’m in the office working. In France, they have reduced the quarantine to seven days and here in Monaco I can see that it is working. In Italy, the discussion on whether to reduce it from 14 to 10 days seems to me a good idea ».

This summer, you said you will propose a petition to ask for damages to the government that is destroying the country and that, if no grants arrive, thousands of protesters will go under Palazzo Chigi. Are you a candidate for the head of the population?
“We have a steep GDP and, if we do not start producing again, if there is no political vision at twenty, if we do not invest in research and development but only in welfare, we will have to do something. I’ve always put my face on, I don’t throw the stone and pull my hand away. Then, I have to see the terms, given the hatred unleashed by my hospitalization. They also spoke of “divine justice” ».

The Bolognese councilor of the Pd Claudio Mazzanti (click here to read the full article on the case) .
“You don’t even have to answer the poor, I don’t wish my worst enemy sickness. Is raging on someone in trouble left? I see envy, resentment and people who will not go far to govern ».

Campanian governor Vincenzo De Luca said that you have prostatitis in your lungs (watch the video).
“He has prostatitis higher than in his lungs: 50 centimeters higher.”

What predictions do you make for your businesses?
«In food and beverage it will change a lot, as travel has changed after the Twin Towers. I am studying the trend for the next ten years, the offers to be made in Europe, in Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Miami, New York… The dinner show will be the future much more than indoor discos. There will be terraces and we will dance only outdoors ».

Have you heard from Silvio Berlusconi?
«Not yet. I wish him well».

Do you understand that Billionaire customers who had left false contact details were tracked down?
“There are investigations, they check, but we are always” fully booked “and every afternoon we contact customers for confirmation and we have always found them”.

In the end, as many suggest, do you think you need to apologize?
“To who? Because? Why do I employ? It should be the government that apologizes to us entrepreneurs ».

Did you regret the match with Siniša Mihajlović?
“If you look closely at the photo, you can see that I’m the only one without football boots. I had only accompanied my son, instead they gave me a shirt, I went on the pitch for a minute and they made me score a goal ».

Did they score it on purpose?
«I shot, the goalkeeper pretended not to save and I went out. Mihajlović says that if I go to Bologna, he’ll take me as the owner. With one goal per minute, in half an hour, I score thirty ».

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