Flat-rate scheme, which VAT applies: let’s clarify the rules

Even if from 1 July 2022 the electronic invoice obligation will also take effect for taxpayers on a flat-rate basis, the tax simplifications reserved for this particular favorable regime do not change. Among these, those relating to VAT.

To extend the obligation of digital invoice also at the flat rate, we remember, is the decree-law n. 36 of 2022 (so-called PNRR 2 decree). In detail, the provision establishes that, from 1 July 2022lump-sum rates that, with reference to the previous tax year, have achieved revenues / fees exceeding 25,000 euros also become obliged to submit an electronic invoice.

From 1 January 2024 the obligation will then affect all those who are on a flat-rate basis, regardless of the volume of revenues / fees.

Therefore, taxpayers in a favorable regime with a volume of revenues / remuneration not exceeding 25,000 euros will be able to continue to issue paper invoices until 31 December 2023.

Flat rate, VAT rules do not change

The electronic invoice obligation for the flat rate scheme will have effects on accounting. In particular, he will also follow:

  • the obligation to receive (purchase) invoices electronically
  • the obligation of electronic storage of invoices issued and received.
  • the methods for paying stamp duty on invoices exceeding € 77.42 will change. It will have to be paid electronically (quarterly).

No consequences in subject of VAT. On the invoices issued will continue to non owed apply VAT. No obligation to submit a VAT return and LIPE communications.

The seller (who is not in turn a flat rate) if he sells to a flat rate (or advantage) applies the VAT at the rate set for that operation (4%, 5%, 10% or 22%). However, it remains understood that the flat rate will not be able to deduct VAT on purchases given that on the invoices issued, as mentioned, it does not indicate VAT.

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