Flashed in sense, A 45, Dortmund-Hanau, km 149.620 – avoid fines, points and driving ban!

Are you being accused of exceeding the speed limit outside of built-up areas? Then the chances of success for your objection are very good, because the speeding is detected here with a laser device of the Poliscan Speed ​​type. Although this is still recognized as a standardized measurement method, countless test series and court proceedings have sufficiently demonstrated its susceptibility to errors.

The device suffers from faulty data processing inherent in the system, which is why half of all notifications give incorrect speeds. The measuring angle is often not adjusted precisely enough. Then it comes automatically to excessive speed displays. The measuring distance is approx. 75 meters. Therefore, several vehicles can be detected by the speed camera at the same time. Then it cannot be proven without a doubt at which the speed was measured. Numerous function tests have to be carried out during the assembly of the device. If these are not fully and precisely documented in the measurement file, the measurement must be discarded. This also applies if the calibration of the device has expired.

These and many other errors can be found when reviewing your measurement data.

Lawyer Andreas Junge will therefore evaluate your measurement file and obtain a technical expert opinion for your measurement. This is the basis for applications to prove the inaccuracy of your measurement.

The result is an acquittal or at least the proceedings are discontinued.

In this case, you are spared points in the driving aptitude register (formerly the central traffic register) in Flensburg or even a driving ban.

If you have legal protection insurance, you will not incur any costs for this procedure.

Important: Contact a lawyer who specializes in administrative offenses law as early as possible, preferably when you have received a hearing form from the authority. Lawyer Andreas Junge knows how to defend you effectively at this early stage of the proceedings.

Simply send your questions by email or call the office of attorney Andreas Junge.

The initial legal consultation is always free of charge.

Short-term contact is also possible via mobile phone: 01792346907. Signal and WhatsApp are available as messengers.

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