Flashed BAB 10, section 81, km 0.0 tangent from BAB 10 to BAB 12, in FR AK Schönefelder Kreuz – avoid fines

The speed limit here outside built-up areas is 80 km / h. If you have received a hearing sheet from the central administrative fine of the state of Brandenburg in Gransee because you exceeded it, the impending fine can be expensive.

Already at 21 km / h too much there is a risk of a point and from 26 km / h above a one-month driving ban is mandatory. The fines office can impose even higher penalties in the event of prior charges. For commuters or professional drivers, the fine is of little consequence.

But it doesn’t have to come to that. A specialized defense attorney can save you the impending fine, points or driving ban.

The speed camera is set up in the middle of the Spreeau motorway triangle. Coming from Frankfurt and from the BAB 12 to the BAB 10 in a westerly direction, i.e. continuing towards Magdeburg or Potsdam, you pass the measuring device. In front of the motorway triangle, the signs on the BAB 12 are constantly changing, the reason for this is construction work. In the triangle itself, however, the signage has remained the same: initially about 700 meters in front of the measuring point, there is a reduction from the original 120 km / h to 100 km / h. The further reduction to 80 km / h takes place about 200 meters in front of the measuring point.

In the opinion of the Fürstenwalde local court responsible here, the one-time signage on both sides is sufficient. But due to the constant change in speed, it is not averse to affirming the preconditions of a momentary failure in the case of a corresponding legal lecture.

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The guarantee for the success of your objection are the weaknesses of the PoliscanSpeed ​​laser measuring device used.

How it works is simply explained. The speed camera continuously sends out laser pulses in the infrared range. These are reflected by the approaching vehicle and the return rays are stored by the device. In this way, the required travel time for the entered measurement route can be determined. The speed is calculated using this data.

However, the fanning out of the laser beams very often leads to them being reflected by several body parts. However, the speed camera saves them as being returned by a single vehicle part. These incorrect backscattered rays falsify the time determination and thus the calculation of the speed. In about half of all measurements, the actual speed and the speed displayed by the measuring device do not match. This serial error may also have occurred in your case.

Assignment problems occur in convoys, overtaking maneuvers and similar traffic situations. It is then not possible to determine with certainty whether the vehicle shown was actually measured.

The exact setting of the scan angle to the road slope is essential for an accurate measurement. This is where most of the application errors happen. If this can be proven, the process cannot be the basis for an effective administrative fine.

In order to avoid this, the manufacturer expressly requests that the measuring staff be trained on the device. If a corresponding proof of advanced training is not in the measurement file, the measurement will be canceled.

If the legally prescribed calibration of the device has expired (which is not infrequently the case), the process is discontinued.

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These and many other errors can be found by evaluating your raw measurement data and measurement protocols.

Attorney Andreas Junge therefore obtains a technical expert report for your measurement process. He commissions a recognized engineering office, which is independent of government contracts. This ensures that only your interests are represented. The expert evaluates your measurement protocols and raw measurement data. The errors found are listed in the report and their negative impact on the specified measurement data is scientifically justified.

It is thus the basis for applications for evidence, with which the inaccuracy of your specific measurement is proven to the competent court. An acquittal follows or the proceedings are at least discontinued. In this case, you are spared points in the register of suitability to drive (formerly the central traffic register) in Flensburg or even a driving ban.

If you have legal protection insurance, you will not incur any costs for the entire procedure.

Important: Report to a lawyer specializing in regulatory offense law at an early stage, preferably when you have received a hearing from the authority. The sooner you report, the more effective the defense. The location in another federal state is not an obstacle.

Attorney Young defends annually nationwide in approx. 1000 fine proceedings and he is a specialist lawyer for criminal law. This means that he has the knowledge and experience to advise and defend you optimally.

Just send an email or call Andreas Junge’s office. He has his office in Berlin and a branch in Cottbus. The initial legal consultation is free of charge in any case. You can also contact us at short notice via mobile phone: 01792346907. The usual messenger services are available.

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