Flashback of Drama at PTIK when KPK wants to arrest Harun Masiku

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The existence of the suspect in the inter-temporal turnover (PAW) bribery case for members of the DPR for the 2019-2024 period, Harun Masikuis still a mystery.

After more than 2 years on the run, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has not been able to arrest Harun.

Various problems when the KPK will arrest Harun on January 8, 2020 are slowly being revealed. Former KPK investigator Novel Baswedan revealed that the team assigned to conduct an arrest operation (OTT) against Harun at that time experienced intimidation.

This was reiterated by Novel after he was fired because he did not pass the controversial National Insight Test (TWK).

“When the KPK team conducted an OTT on the case, the KPK team was intimidated by certain individuals, and Firli et al remained silent,” Novel told Kompas.com, Tuesday (24/5/2022).

The case that makes Harun a suspect is the bribery case that also ensnared former Commissioner of the General Elections Commission (KPU) Wahyu Setiawan. The disclosure of the case began when the KPK team held a hand arrest operation on January 8, 2020. From the results of the operation, the KPK team arrested 8 people.

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The KPK then named 4 people as suspects. They are Wahyu Setiawan, former Bawaslu member Agustiani Tio Fridelina, PDIP cadre Saeful Bahri, and Harun. However, at that time Aaron escaped arrest.

According to the Kompas.com report in 2020, Acting KPK Spokesperson Ali Fikri said during the operation the investigation team had followed Harun.

Harun’s whereabouts, said Ali, were last detected in the vicinity of the Police Science College (PTIK), South Jakarta.

“That night it was suspected that he was in Kebayoran Baru around PTIK, so the investigation team moved towards that position,” Ali told reporters, Thursday (1/30/2020).

Ali said the KPK team then stopped at the mosque in the PTIK Complex. At that time, there was a misunderstanding between the KPK team and the local security officers.

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“There was a misunderstanding with the PTIK security provost there who was doing the sterilization of the place because there were plans to have activities the next day,” said Ali.

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Ali said the officers had time to check the KPK team until finally the team was picked up by the Deputy for Enforcement of the KPK who had coordinated with the KPK Police.

Kombes Asep Adi Saputra, who at that time served as Head of the General Information Section (Kabagpenum) of the National Police, asked all parties not to speculate regarding the incident.

“The main focus today is that we are looking for Harun Masiku’s whereabouts, everything will be clear if Harun Masiku is caught. We don’t speculate, don’t assume. Of course we will wait,” said Asep at the Public Relations Building of the Police Headquarters, South Jakarta, Friday ( 31/1/2020).

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The National Police also emphasized that they will continue to assist the KPK in the search for Harun.

“What is clear, once again, is that the police are very serious in helping the KPK to immediately identify and arrest Harun Masiku’s brother,”

Confession of the Chief of Police

General Idham Azis, who in 2020 served as the National Police Chief, was also asked about the incident at PTIK when the KPK team was about to arrest Harun. Idham was targeted by members of the National Mandate Party Faction Sarifuddin Sudding and the Democratic Faction Benny Kabur Harman at the working meeting of the National Police Chief and Commission III of the House of Representatives (DPR) on January 30, 2020.

At that time, Sudding confirmed to Idham about information about the KPK investigators who were interrogated and asked to undergo a urine test when performing operations at the PTIK.

At that time, Idham reasoned that when the incident occurred, the Police were preparing to secure the PTIK location ahead of the visit of Vice President Ma’ruf Amin on January 8, 2020. However, Idham said that he did not know about the incident where KPK investigators were interrogated by the police at PTIK.

“If you continue to meet, for example some KPK investigators, the Police will not know what processes are going on inside,” said Idham.

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Harun’s whereabouts at PTIK were also questioned at that time to Idham. He admitted that he did not know for sure about the matter.

Benny Harman then asked about information from the KPK investigators who wanted to arrest Harun being held by the police at PTIK.

Responding to Benny’s question, Idham again replied that there was no confinement of the KPK investigators who at that time came to PTIK to arrest Harun. He also said that he did not know about Harun’s whereabouts at PTIK.

“I also don’t want to speculate in this room, obviously I don’t know that the person in question is at PTIK,” said Idham.

Even sanctioned

According to Novel, KPK chairman Firli Bahuri did not take any steps after the KPK team failed to arrest Harun and was even intimidated.

In fact, Novel said, the team that made the arrests were also prohibited from conducting investigations.

“Perhaps because it is considered uncontrollable,” said Novel.

In addition, Novel continued, the KPK team that succeeded in carrying out the OTT was actually “sanctioned”. Investigator Rossa Purbo Bekti was later sent home to the Police, but was rejected because his tenure at the KPK had not yet been completed.

Then, one person from the prosecutor’s office was returned, and several employees of the Directorate of Public Complaints (Dumas) were also transferred by Firli Bahuri.

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Novel suspects that the case that ensnared Harun Masiku allegedly involved certain elites.

Harun Masiku’s Case This allegedly involved certain party officials. The search for Harun Masiku, I’m sure, will not be carried out except for just a little bit,” said Novel.

“Is there a connection? Only Firli et al know,” he said.

(Author : Irfan Kamil, Devina Halim | Editor : Bagus Santosa, Kristian Erdianto)

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