Flanders is installing 30,000 additional charging points

Flemish Minister of Mobility Lydia Peeters (Open Vld) is allocating 30 million euros for new public charging stations. That writes De Zondag and the news is confirmed by the cabinet.

This will add up to 30,000 additional charging points over the next five years. There will be a fast charging station every 25 kilometers along the major traffic axes. Today there are 3,920 public charging points and 96 public fast charging points in Flanders.

The rollout of public charging infrastructure will be geared as closely as possible to the current number of electric vehicles, with a combination of normal and fast chargers. In September of this year, 17 percent of all new cars sold on the Belgian market were electric or hybrid. An accelerated expansion of public, semi-public and private charging points is necessary to further facilitate the switch to zero-emission vehicles.

The procedure for installing a public charging station takes a lot of time and must be shorter. Minister Peeters wants to save time by mapping out the locations in advance where a smooth rollout can take place as a priority in the coming years. A second point for improvement is the involvement of the charging station operators. These can be included more quickly in the placement process to avoid discussions about locations at a later stage. Finally, time can be saved by continuing to work on a uniform approach at the decision-making level, ‘said a statement from the Flemish Minister of Mobility on Sunday.


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