Flames and thick smoke from fire at animal feed factory in Eindhoven

At Sonac, a factory for (animal) food and fertilizers on the Meerenakkerweg in Eindhoven, a fire broke out just after eight o’clock on Tuesday morning. There were huge flames and a lot of smoke from the roof.

The fire brigade was soon present with two fire trucks and a cherry picker. “The fire raged in the air extraction system of one of the silos,” says a spokesperson for the Security Region. “That caused a lot of smoke development. At the moment the fire has been extinguished and we expect to be able to quickly give the signal to control the fire.”

According to someone who works across from Sonac, the police have cordoned off the area around the factory. “There is a strong chemical air, so we keep the windows closed.”

The spokesperson for the Security Region emphasizes that no harmful substances have been released. “But it is a pungent smell. It will last for a while during the extinguishing, but then it will probably disappear quickly.”

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