Flakes and Items from KRI Nanggala 402 Found

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto mentioned the status KRI Nanggala-402 towards the sinking phase or sub-sink after the discovery of shale, goods, and oil spills.

Previously, the TNI still said that the German-made submarine was still in phase sub-missed alias lost contact.

“Early this morning, is the deadline live support in the form of oxygen availability in Nanggala for 72 hours, “he said, in a press conference from Bali, Saturday (24/4).

“Elements of the Indonesian Navy found oil and debris spills which are authentic evidence of the sinking phase of the KRI Nanggala,” he continued.

Indonesian Navy Chief of Staff Admiral Yudo Margono added that the debris found floating in Bali waters was believed to be a submarine component.

Among them, torpedo tube straighteners, cooling pipes, orange bottles that function for lubricating the ups and downs of the submarine, the base used by the crew, and sponges.

“Several pieces and items were found in the vicinity of the dive boat which is believed to be part of the submarine’s components. It will not be lifted if there is no pressure or cracks,” he said.

“These items are not owned by the public and around a radius of 10 miles there are no other ships passing, and from the experts, the former Nanggala crew members and submarine builders are believed to belong to Nanggala,” Yudo added.

Previously, KR Nanggala lost contact during a torpedo firing exercise, Wednesday (22/4) at 03.00 WITA. The cause is suspected black out.


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