Five young people, investigated for destroying graves in the Jewish cemetery in Ploiești. Why would he resort to this gesture

Five young people between the ages of 16 and 24 are being investigated for destroying several graves in the Jewish cemetery in Ploiești.

16 tombstones were simply torn from the pedestal, and some were broken. The youths told investigators at the hearings that they were not planning an anti-Semitic attack, but that they had been drinking and, out of terror, wanted to “have fun.”

They risk up to two years in prison.

The desolate scenes, with destroyed graves and broken tombstones, were discovered in the morning by the guard of the cemetery.

Adrian Vanghelie, guard in the cemetery: “What can I tell you, I come from 8 to 1 I stay and then it’s closed, it has no guard, it has nothing. It has no light, no room. ”

The man immediately called the police.

Maria Magdalena Rădulescu, the spokesperson of IJP Prahova: “16 funerary monuments in the Jewish cemetery were pushed from their pedestal, falling to the ground, three of these monuments being found broken. My colleagues are in the field and conducting research to identify the perpetrators. ”

The gesture is incomprehensible, say representatives of the Jewish community.

“What reason can there be for the destruction of graves, for the attacks against the memory of people who are no longer among us? Hate and stupidity, in the most miserable and abject forms, are the only explanations I see for this crime.”, wrote on his Facebook page the deputy SIlviu Vexler, the president of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Romania.

Ploiești City Hall has announced that it will provide assistance for the restoration of the graves. If found, those who devastated the cemetery will be investigated for desecrating eternal places.

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