Five worst fasting habits are named


You cannot drink tea and coffee on an empty stomach

The nutritionist urged not to drink coffee and alcohol on an empty stomach, as well as give up chewing gum and disputes.

Indian nutritionist Pooja Mahija has listed five habits that are bad on an empty stomach. The expert’s advice was published by the TV company NDTV.

So, Mahija urged to stop drinking tea and coffee immediately after waking up.

“Think twice before drinking tea or coffee when you wake up in the morning. A cup of coffee can greatly increase the acidity level in the stomach,” she said.

Also, a nutritionist advises against drinking alcoholic beverages on an empty stomach. According to her, alcohol without food very quickly enters the bloodstream and causes severe intoxication.

Another bad habit is chewing gum on an empty stomach.

“Chewing gum triggers the release of extra gastric juice, which negatively affects the mucous membrane of an empty stomach, and can provoke inflammation and ulcers,” explained Pooja.

In addition, she does not recommend shopping for groceries before meals. According to research, hungry people not only buy significantly more food than they need, but also tend to choose higher-calorie foods.

The last advice of Mahija is not to enter into arguments on an empty stomach, since a hungry person has low blood sugar levels and is more prone to emotions. Before deciding important issues, it is better to have a healthy snack.

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