Five tricks to improve your photos in BeReal

Unlike other apps, Be real does not allow uploading Photos modified or use filters that alter the “real” essence. However, there are some secrets that help enhance the images and make them stand out from the rest.

Be real offers a more genuine and authentic experience than other social networks – Source:

The keys to getting the best Photos in Be real

1. Image quality

Given the inability to use filters or other editing elements, the biggest secret to improving the Photos in Be real It goes through the attention to each of the details that make up the whole picture in general.

In other words, it’s about managing the basics of photography. In this case, the first thing to know is that the built-in camera in apps like this and Instagram usually isn’t the same quality as the phone itself.

Therefore, if you don’t have a good camera, your best bet is to avoid it Photos with zoom and / or with many details.

2. Luz

It is one of the great keys of photography: having a good command of the notion of light, you get images of an artistic nature that are clearly differentiated from the others.

The tricky thing about this is that you have to act fast because Be real sends a single notification per day, at any time of day, and with the ability to record an image for just 2 minutes.

3. Framing

This trick is similar to the previous one, in the sense that it is one of the fundamental pillars of the photographic world. Regardless of the amount of editing and filters applied, it is very difficult for an image to stand out if the composition of its elements is unbalanced.

4. Focus

Since cell phone cameras operate in automatic mode, the focus function is an aspect that is often overlooked and results Photos where the object or landscape to be recorded is not clearly visible.

5. Practice

Being such a new and innovative social network, due to the recent launch and the surprising nature of its proposal, it is logical that the first images do not come out as expected.

As obvious as it may seem, to achieve the good Photos it is important to avoid frustration and be persistent with the practice.

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