Five Pfullingen mayor candidates in the GEA hail of questions – Pfullingen / Eningen / Lichtenstein – Reutlinger General-Anzeiger

PFULLINGEN. Quick-wittedness was required when GEA trainee Maximilian Ott threw brief keywords to the mayor’s candidates in a hail of questions – which just wanted to be answered briefly.

Hotel or campsite? Clearly for Martin Fink: »Hotel«. The other decisions are also made quickly: The Georgenberg is in favor over the Ursulaberg, the wine over the beer, the suit over the sweatpants. In his self-assessment, Fink is more of a silent observer than a loudspeaker, he would spend a million profit on a social foundation in Pfullingen. He reveals impatience as his greatest weakness and reading the GEA as a routine every morning.

When choosing the medium, Timo Plankenhorn declines to watch TV and books: he prefers to be online. However, if he has the chance of a TV appearance – then preferably in the »heute show«. He prefers the beach to the mountains, the card for cash payments – “preferably by mobile phone”. Plankenhorn identifies the Wackerstein as the most beautiful place in the city. Outside of the election campaign, people go jogging twice a week and their memory is also trained: Does he still have the first question ready? He had.

Sven Bohnert, however, had the design of the Pfullingen coat of arms: “Pfulben and Württemberg stag.” The preferences are just as quickly named: Apple preferred to Samsung, Spotify over radio, Italian cuisine over Greek. At the “Fischers-Fritz” tongue twister it bumps briefly before it continues smoothly: Which program should be back on TV? “Bet that ..? With Thomas Gottschalk. «Not on the couch, but on the lonely island Bohnert takes books, rum and matches.

For Detlev Gottaut, it would be the Financial Times, which he calls the best newspaper. He prefers winter to summer, silver takes precedence over gold. In the picture, Gottaut is about Pfullinger facts: the strongest parliamentary group in the local council? “The UWV.” Population? “Just under 19,000.” His tip for dealing with instructions: “Never read through.” Diplomatically, faced with the choice “VfL or BFC?”: “Both – they play in different leagues, that’s possible. «

Stefan Wörner’s first car played in a league of its own: an Opel Kadett. The candidate prefers to eat steak medium, he prefers the outdoor pool to the lake, the concert to the theater. Nothing works for him without a smartphone. Wörner doesn’t have to google the builder of the Schönberg tower: “Louis Laiblin”, he knows and even adds the architect (Theodor Fischer). Moving to Pfullingen? “Is the goal.”

Well parried. All the candidates failed because of only one thing: the trainee’s tricky trick questions like “How often can you subtract the 1 from the 20?” Ott explains: “Once, the 20 is passé.” (GEA)


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