five new cases confirmed in France, without sign of severity

It is a “cluster”, that is to say a grouping of several cases around an “initial case”, a British national who stayed from 24 January, for a few days, in Contamines -Montjoie in Haute-Savoie, back from Singapore, she detailed.

These five people positive for the new coronavirus but also “close contacts” of this British national, “ie 11 people in total, all of British nationality”, who all lived in the same chalet, were hospitalized overnight from Friday to Saturday in Lyon, Saint-Etienne and Grenoble, according to the minister.

“Their clinical condition shows no sign of seriousness,” said Buzyn.

These new cases are in addition to the six reported so far on French territory, and still hospitalized even if most are better.

“It is now an important operation to identify contact cases that are starting” to find and inform those who have had close contact with the British national who is responsible for these new cases, the minister added.

The Prime Minister will also meet the ministers concerned at midday.


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