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The COVID-19 pandemic encourages people to be more careful in managing finances. Investment Online is increasingly becoming a mainstay of society.

Over the past three years, the number of users Tokopedia Mutual Fund an overall increase of more than 68x.

While buying and selling transactions gold past Tokopedia Gold grew nearly 27x over the past two years.

“This makes Tokopedia seeks to make it easier for people to invest and hopes to increase financial inclusion and the digital economy in Indonesia,” said Marissa Dewi, Head of Investment and Insurance Tokopedia.

Furthermore, Tokopedia share tips and inspiration for saving for the community, especially the next generation millennial. Here are the tips:

1. Select Investment According to the needs

Generation millennial can start by selecting the type investment as needed.

For example, people who are looking for options investment short term, which is about 1-2 years, can take advantage of the features Tokopedia Mutual Fund, while for investment long term can take advantage of the features Tokopedia Gold.

2. Ensure Product Investment Safe

It is very important to choose a product investment who have obtained a permit and present a portfolio of reports investment transparently.

Tokopedia cooperate with various trusted strategic partners supervised by OJK in offering options investment safe, easy and affordable online services for all Indonesians,” added Marissa.

3. Determine the Investment Goal

Generation millennial can plan investment for marriage, vacation or other purposes through the Dream Fund feature in Tokopedia Mutual Fund which makes it easier for users to save for a specific purpose.

4. Starting from a Small Nominal

Setting aside a small portion of income can be a great start for a generation millennial to start studying investment step by step.

“Of Tokopedia Mutual Fund, anyone can start investing very easily from IDR 10,000.

Registration can also be done very quickly via mobile phone, “explained Marissa.

In addition, through the Rounding feature Gold from Tokopedia, people can also save a certain amount of gold by rounding up the bill when shopping.

5. Create a Savings Schedule

“Take advantage of the Subscription feature on Tokopedia Gold so that investment it can be done routinely according to a specified schedule, it can be weekly or monthly, and it can be done with a very affordable nominal, starting from Rp. 5,000,” Marissa suggested.

Meanwhile in Tokopedia Mutual Fund, the Subscription feature allows users to reach the target investment by determining the nominal and schedule investment according to the needs.

Funds will automatically be disbursed to the balance Mutual Fund and users can change their settings at any time.

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