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A large rescue operation ended well in Øygarden.


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A man in his 60s was missing in Øygarden outside Bergen. He was last seen when he went out with the boat between 12 and 14 o’clock, the West police district informs on Twitter.

At 00.15, the Main Rescue Center reports that the man has been found in apparently good shape on Hissøyna. The man will be taken care of by health, writes HRS Sør-Norge. West police district writes that the man is somewhat chilled.

The boat of the missing was found by a private boat. Rescue boat found missing person at a boathouse nearby.


The boat the missing fisherman used was according to Bergensavisen be an open gray aluminum boat with outboard motor. Residents in the area sent out a report of concern.

HRS led the mission, and the Coast Guard, lifeboat and rescue helicopter were sent to the area.

A number of private boats were also out looking for the missing.

– The search is in full swing with sea resources and air resources, said rescue leader Cecilie Øversveen at the Main Rescue Center at Sola to VG late Sunday night.

She stated that they had nine to ten boats out searching for the boat and the missing fisherman.

– The search will continue until we consider that it is not relevant to apply anymore, so for now we will apply through the night.

The rescue company announced on Twitter that they are participating in the search with two lifeboats.

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