Fish “tornado” goes viral: users amazed by the unusual pattern

See the video: Fish “tornado” goes viral – Stunning swarm behavior astounds Instagram users.

This video is going viral on social media right now.

It shows a group of fish gathering together in a tornado-like structure.

The location where this massive underwater formation was captured is Okinawa – a Japanese territory made up of over 150 islands in the East China Sea.

This “fish tornado” shows how the small fish swim together and in a coordinated manner, forming a vortex, similar to gusts of wind.

According to the sustainability initiative Eat Blue, this phenomenon is similar to “mumbling”. This means that very large swarms such as birds, fish or insects move together and change direction at the same time.

The video was taken by a Japanese marine photographer and has already garnered 3.6 million views on Instagram.

Photographer Tatsuro publishes a huge and exquisite collection of exquisite marine photographs on his Instagram profile.

Some users are amazed by this unusual fish pattern: “My god, what a beautiful video. It is wonderful. Thank you for this class of videos.” – Comment from a follower

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