Fisco, staff shortages: 9,000 inspectors lost in 8 years

To combat tax evasion requires a large investment of inspection personnel by the state. The staff currently serving in the Revenue Agency of 32,186 units. At the end of 2012 there were 41,035, almost 9 thousand more. It is necessary to create skills and then introduce them into the circuit with attractive salaries equal to those offered by large consulting firms or tax firms. Preparing an investigator takes 7-8 years of experience. At the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office, up to a few years, there were 15 magistrates dedicated to corporate, economic and tax crimes. Today they are 10.

Given the complexity of the investigations, another ten supported ones would be needed by administrative and judicial police officers. There is an indirect factor to force the square of Milan to always be understaffed: the cost of living in the upper Lombard capital, and many winners of the competitions come from the South, but as soon as they can they ask for a transfer home, where with a salary of 1500 euro lives better. The escape paradoxically a great opportunity for the country. Because Italy produces a GDP that escapes the ties of the tax authorities, by attacking it, perhaps a half recovery fund would be enough and less debt to repay.


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