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As the editorial team was the first to inform, the charming singer Monika Bagárová (28) has finally found love again after the summer break with the MMA fighter Makhmud Muradov (32), with whom she has a daughter Ruminka . She is now in the arms of Leo (31), businessman from Karlovy Vary. What did Monika tell our editors about the new relationship?

Monika Bagárová: The first statement about the new man

SuperStar judge Monika Bagárová she already knows what it’s like to say that to a man next to her “I love you!”. As the editors of already do he informedthe beautiful singer is dating a charismatic businessman from Karlovy Vary, Lee, who will celebrate his 32nd birthday next Monday.

“It’s very, very serious. Monika is madly in love. We’ve already met the parents” a neighborhood source told our editors. The pair already appear together in public, so it was really only a matter of time before the relationship broke down in public.

The editors of also contacted Bagárová herself, who is not hiding her new feelings at all. She confirmed that she was dating Lee when we mentioned her name. She was in no way dismissive of the information.

“It’s okay, I don’t need to hide anything. But I also don’t want to express myself in any particular detail, I want to keep my private life to myself. We’re fine with that. All I can say is we’re in love and having a good time.” a lot. Everyone deserves it” wrote to our editor and attached a heart-shaped emoticon.


Monika went with her of MMA fighter Makhmud Muradovwith whom he has a daughter Rumi. No one doubted that Bagárová loved her mate, but he was still out of the republic, making regular trips to UFC matches and to her native Uzbekistan. The couple gradually drifted apart and the breakup was practically inevitable.

Finally, it also happened last year at Christmas. However, the singer had it in for the wrestler like on a seesaw. In February, they briefly got together again, probably trying mainly for the sake of their daughter. But they failed again.

The final

Bagárová made a final decision in the summer when she drew a hard line behind her relationship with Muradov. “I would like to inform you that Mach and I do not live together. We gave a chance as parents, unfortunately life together does not make us happier. We are people, we have feelings, we believe, we hope, we make mistakes…,” Monika said to herself Instagram. So fingers crossed we hope her new relationship goes better.

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