“First Time Service” – See the first clips

NRK profile and comedian Herman Flesvig broke records when he released the first episodes of the series «First time service» on NRK earlier this year.

The concept is that a number of characters, all played by the comedian, would join the military. It was an immediate success, and despite the fact that the pandemic ensured that the recording was postponed, new episodes are now ready for the NRK premiere.

See new scenes from the next round of the “First Time Service” at the top of the case.

DENIED SERVICE: Herman Flesvig is having great success with the NRK program “First-time service”, but one detail prevented the comedian from being able to serve in the defense himself. Video: «Lindmo», NRK
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The pilots got to know Ahre-Ketil, Ola Halvorsen, Preben Lohrengren and Tanja Laila Gaup. During the ten new episodes that are now being launched, it is expected that you will become better acquainted with the very caricatured quartet.

According to NRK’s ​​online player, the premiere is on Friday 2 October.

In Dagbladet, the first round of the humor series got three dice rolls.

“The ‘first-time service’ would have been served by a better script. Some lonely, funny remarks appear here and there, almost exclusively from Ole’s mouth, but otherwise it’s bad. ” wrote reviewer Hannah Bull-Thorvik, which or highlighted the character Ola Halvorsen as a highlight.

Not everyone appreciates Halvorsen or the accompanying song as much. Over the weekend, the Norwegian rapper Yaw Britwum (25), better known under the artist name Britz, created debate on social media – after he criticized Flesvig in an interview with YLTV.

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