First statement from Ahmet Önder: The pain has reached an unbearable level

In the individual general classification final competitions held at the Ariake Gymnastics Center Ahmet Önder with Adam RoyalHe competed in the disciplines of floor tool, pommel horse, ring, jumping table, parallel bar and pull-ups.

In the fourth rotation, the nationals moved to the parallel bar. Ahmet Önder, who had pain in his shoulder, could not start this discipline and withdrew from the final. It was reported that the national gymnast, who did not have the possibility of a medal, did not continue before the jump table on August 2, in order to avoid serious injury.

The national athlete, who made a statement on his Twitter account, I’m so sorry… I couldn’t continue racing due to my shoulder injury. My treatment was going on for a few days and I thought I could finish it, but today after the ring tool, the pain in my shoulder became unbearable. I would love to show you a nice competition, bless you. We will meet again at the jumping table final, which I will compete next Monday…” Wrote.

Ahmet Önder and Adem Asil will fight for medals on the jumping table on 2 August. Adem will also perform in the final in the ring on the same day.


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