First “slap” for Azzolina. Because the minister has already lost

The Piedmont Tar has rejected the request to suspend the regional ordinance on the measurement of temperature at school. To do appeal, against the decision of President Alberto Cirio, it was the Ministry of Health and that of Education, which had the suspensive urgent request rejected.

L’order of the President of the Piedmont Region provides that Piedmontese schools verify the measurement of fever by families. National law, in fact, requires parents to monitor the temperature of their children before accompanying them to school. But, according to the regional ordinance, in Piedmont, even schools must check that pupils do not have a fever, before entering the building.

In recent days, the same Lucia Azzolina he had called the order “untimely and inappropriate”, and shortly after, in fact, the government had challenged the decision, asking for it to be suspended urgently. But now, the TAR has rejected the Government’s requests. For this reason, the ordinance will remain valid, at least until October 14, the day for which the discussion in the council chamber is set.

A decision that bowl the absurd challenge of the regional ordinance by the minister Azzolina which inexplicably took sides against a measure useful to guarantee health safety“, commented the vice president of the FI group in the Senate, Licia Ronzulli. With her decision, the Piedmont TAR confirmed”the goodness of President Cirio’s choice to proceed with measuring the temperature of students and school staff through the thermoscanners installed at the institutes“. Recourse to the ordinance represents”yet another misstep by a minister who is proving increasingly inadequate and who has triggered this umpteenth useless tug-of-war between the Government and the Regions that has been going on for months now and that it would be appropriate to conclude as soon as possible“.

Still today, however, the Tar of Sardinia he has welcomed the other appeal presented by the Government against the ordinance of the regional president Christian Solinas in the matter of coronavirus. The decree, in force since September 14, provided for the obligation of rapid serological, molecular or antigenic tests for anyone arriving on the island. The TAR has ordered the suspension of the effectiveness of articles 10, 11 and 12 of the order until the next hearing, scheduled for 7 October.

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