“First Kiss” by Emmanuelle Mottaz, the Melodious Vocalist

Emmanuelle Mottaz, also known by the stage name Emmanuelle, is a French singer and screenwriter, born July 19, 1963 in Paris XIV. She is the interpreter of the title Premier Baiser, released in 1986.

Emmanuelle is one of the first singers launched by Jean-Luc Azoulay after Dorothée and before Hélène Rollès.
The “official” story tells that Emmanuelle had met Dorothée backstage at one of her concerts at the Olympia. Finding her sympathetic, she would then have offered to sing, and this is how she recorded the title Premier Baiser, in 1986. It is quite different…

Emmanuelle indeed began her career in 1985, when she released the title Je t’appelle de Macao, which was not very successful and which was initially intended to be performed by Dorothée.
The same year, she is the “voice” of the computer in the song Allô allô Monsieur l’informatique, by Dorothée. The arrangements are however so important that it is necessary to wait for the acoustic version of the title (published in 2006) to be convinced of it completely.

Emmanuelle: Premier Baiser, the credits of the TV series (Official clip)

In 1986, Emmanuelle’s career exploded. The singer reached the highest steps of the Top 50 with the title Premier Baiser. Very marked by the sounds of the 1960s, this hit will be ranked second for two weeks (and fifteen weeks in the Top 10) for cumulative sales estimated at 700,000 copies.
A first album is released, in line with the 45 rpm, including a cover of the title Rossignol by Luis Mariano as well as a song addressing female homosexuality entitled Not a boy. This first opus will be certified gold for 100,000 copies sold.

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With the creation of the Club Dorothée, Emmanuelle (like later the “stars AB”) nevertheless benefits from a real promotional tool, and multiplies the appearances in the live broadcasts on Wednesday afternoons, but also on the Jacky Show and in Pas de pitié. for the croissants to which she is frequently invited.

Emmanuelle Mottaz abandons her career as a singer and screenwriter and converts to cinema, production and photography. Since the early 2000s, she has been writing and directing short films and taking care of a troupe of young actors. In particular, she has directed several short and medium-length films and photo shoots with a project entitled Thriller Adolescents.

On March 3, 2014, Emmanuelle Mottaz presents her exhibition Angels Bali, avenue Kleber in Paris, where she introduces the public to her work as a photographer.

Emmanuelle – Nothing but you to put me to sleep (Official Clip)

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