“First Issue”: Xi Jinping and Putin Near ‘Anti-American Unity’… Uncertainty Looms Over Ukrainian Arbitration

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[1번지이슈] Xi Jinping and Putin close to ‘anti-American solidarity’… Ukrainian arbitration is a ‘question mark’

Chinese President Xi Jinping and President Putin held a summit meeting in Russia.

In a joint statement, the leaders of China and Russia showed off their anti-American solidarity by voicing with one voice that it is the United States that is undermining world stability.

For more details, let’s talk with Park No-byeok, former ambassador to Ukraine.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is on a state visit to Russia for two nights and three days, had a summit meeting with President Putin yesterday. On the first day, an informal one-on-one meeting with a dinner was held for four and a half hours while showing off intimacy, and the next day, the summit lasted only three hours. How do you see this summit?

In particular, the leaders of China and Russia demanded that NATO “respect the sovereignty and interests of other countries”, issued a strong warning message to the United States, and promised cooperation on Taiwan and Ukraine issues. It looks like China and Russia are starting to build an anti-American front?

The two leaders were also seen blatantly covering North Korea. You insisted that sanctions and pressure should not be applied against North Korea, but in the end, do you think you have reaffirmed your will to not join the U.S. sanctions against North Korea?

Do you think that the confrontation between Korea, the US and Japan, and between North Korea, China and Russia over the Korean Peninsula issue has become clearer through this summit?

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China is a big customer for Russia, which was looking for an economic solution in a third country under Western sanctions. From China’s point of view, Russia’s cooperation is needed in response to the situation in which it is promoting ‘renminbi internationalization’. As economic cooperation was essential, it seems that economic cooperation between the two countries will accelerate further?

Initially, it was the Ukrainian solution that attracted the most attention. At yesterday’s summit in Moscow, Xi said he supported dialogue, and Putin said China’s peace plan could be the basis for a solution. What do you think about the background of presenting a fundamental solution without any substance?

Meanwhile, President Xi Jinping expressed his intention to invite President Putin, whose arrest warrant was issued by the International Criminal Court, to visit China this year. Are you asking me to attend the One Belt One Road Forum?

The planting of the United States, which sees relations between China and Russia getting closer, seems uncomfortable. John Kirby, spokesman for the White House National Security Council, refuted the Chinese-Russian joint statement one by one, pointing out the details. In particular, we have yet to see any indication that China is planning to provide lethal weapons to Russia, but it is still a possibility. Doubts still appear about China’s arms supply?

Meanwhile, Japanese Prime Minister Kishida visited Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, and had a summit meeting with President Zelensky. It is said that this is the first time a Japanese prime minister has visited a war-torn country since World War II. What do you think is the meaning?

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It is said that Prime Minister Kishida, who was visiting India, boarded a private plane and headed for Poland without prior notice. The Chinese leader is heading to Moscow, Russia, and the Japanese leader, an ally of the United States, is heading to Ukraine, a contrasting move. It symbolically shows that the world is transitioning to a new Cold War system.

It is known that President Xi will also hold a video conference with President Zelensky after meeting with President Putin. Prime Minister Kishida first met with President Zelensky. In particular, Prime Minister Kishida invited President Zelensky to the summit of seven major countries to be held in Hiroshima in May. Is this also interpreted as Japan’s wide-ranging diplomatic move to show off solidarity with the West?

Yonhap News TV article inquiries and reports: Kakao Talk/Line jebo23


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