First Impressions of Trying the 34 Inch Mi Curved Gaming Monitor, Jakarta – Xiaomi doesn’t seem to want to be complacent with just dominating the market smartphone globally, including Indonesia. Terbukit, the company from China is also quite diligent in releasing its newest line of ecosystem products in the past three years.

This year, Xiaomi seems to want to expand its wings by penetrating the screen market monitor gaming. The first Xiaomi product to enter this new market is Mi Curved Gaming Monitor 34 Inci.

As the name implies, the monitor screen gaming This new Xiaomi one comes with a screen ultrawide measuring 34 inches.

About the shape, the monitor gaming this Xiaomi property is not too different from similar products made by other companies.

In the sales box, the company includes a monitor screen gaming curved – of course, the power cable, the DisplayPort cable, the cradle and stand monitor, manual, and a number of screws.

Tim Tekno also had the opportunity to do hands-on Mi Curved Gaming Monitor 34 Inci, here are a number of photos and how our first impression of wearing this monitor.


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