First image of Mercury sent to spacecraft BepiColombo

PR PANGARAN – A spaceship BepiColombo EuropeJapan has sent back the first picture Mercury.

The mission was carried out by the first of the six flybys Mercury at 2334 GMT on Friday using planetary gravity to slow down spaceship.

After swooping through Mercury at altitudes below 200 km (125 miles), spaceship it took a low-resolution black-and-white photo with one of its surveillance cameras before zooming in again.

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Quoted from The Guardian, Space Agency Europe say the pictures taken show the northern hemisphere and special features Mercury the potholes, among which the Lermontov Crater is 166 km wide.

“Flying distance is perfect from the angle of flight spaceship, and it was amazing to finally see our target planet,” said Elsa Montagnon, operations manager spaceship for the mission.

Mission BepiColombo will study all aspects of this mysterious inner planet from the core to surface processes, magnetic fields, and the exosphere.

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“To better understand the origin and evolution of a planet close to its parent star,” said Elsa.



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