First federal execution for an American woman in nearly 70 years

Lisa Montgomery, sentenced to death, will be the first woman in 67 years to be federally executed on December 8 if all goes through. Montgomery was sentenced to death in 2007 after killing eight months pregnant Bobbie Jo Stinnett three years earlier.


Montgomery entered Stinnett’s house with an excuse. She strangled her and when the victim was unconscious, Montgomery cut the baby out of Stinnett’s womb and she fled. The 23-year-old woman did not survive the horrific act.

Not long after the attack, Stinnett was found by her own mother. “It looked like she exploded when I found her,” she said during the trial.

A day after the murder, police found Montgomery with the kidnapped baby. She then pretended it was her own child; the murder and kidnapping turned out to be a preconceived plan.

Lethal injection

The murder caused shocked reactions in the US. Finally, in 2007, Montgomery was sentenced to death by a federal judge. Since then, the now 52-year-old woman has been awaiting the death penalty.

United States Attorney Bill Barr let know that the federal death sentence will be carried out on December 8 this year. Montgomery is then given a lethal injection at a correctional facility in the state of Indiana. The first woman in almost 70 years.

The announcement is part of a change in the death penalty policy under President Trump. While his predecessor Barack Obama did not want to have any federal death penalty carried out, the current president is in favor of this.

Trump: more federal executions

Seven people sentenced to death have been executed in recent months. Since the reintroduction of the national death penalty in 1998, this has only happened three times.

If it is up to President Trump, the death penalty is more often imposed. He proposed new legislation to impose the death penalty on perpetrators of hate crimes and mass murders. “A punishment that is carried out quickly and without delay for years,” he said.

Nearly 2,600 people are currently awaiting their death penalty. Because convicts challenge their punishment and, for example, give them the opportunity to prove their possible innocence, it can take years to complete the sentence.

According to the numbers it Death Penalty Information Center In addition to Lisa Montgomery, two more federal death sentences are planned this year.

Rich car dealer

Montgomery is the first woman in decades to receive a federal death sentence. The last time that happened was in 1953. Bonny Brown Heady was then sentenced to death for kidnapping and murdering the son of a six-year-old boy.

Heady’s partner shot the boy during the kidnapping. They then demanded a ransom of $ 600,000. They got it, but the couple was arrested a few days later. At the age of 41, Heady was gassed along with her partner.

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