First coronavirus infection confirmed in Vienna General Hospital

At the Vienna General Hospital, one person tested positive for the corona virus.
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One patient tested positive for the corona virus at the Vienna General Hospital. She was transferred to the Kaiser Franz Josef Hospital.

The first coronavirus case occurred in the Vienna General Hospital (AKH) – the largest hospital in the federal capital. This was confirmed by the spokesman for the medical crisis team of the City of Vienna, Andreas Huber, on Thursday of the APA.

Patient at Vienna General Hospital tested positive for coronavirus

A patient who went to the hematology clinic for treatment on Tuesday tested positive for SARS-CoV-2.

The woman was immediately transferred to the Kaiser Franz Josef Hospital and has been treated there ever since. It should not be seriously ill, it was said.

Contacts already in home quarantine

All contact persons of the woman, who have so far been identified by the City of Vienna’s Health Service (MA 15), have been separated and are in home quarantine. This affects medical personnel who had looked after the patient and three doctors who had closer contact with the woman.


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