First Connor Cruise surprised on Instagram with his look, now he creates controversy with his last photo

You could hardly remember what Connor Cruise until you discovered your profile on Instagram. And what a surprise the eldest son of Tom Cruise Y Nicole Kidman, who now lives in a year-round sunny seaside town and seems to dedicate himself solely to sail and fish. In fact, this last point has raised quite a few blisters in his last update on social networks because Connor has again gone back to fishing what looks like a huge swordfish with all his friends, and many comments are outraged with what bloody and cruel of the images you always share. Of course, it is only one half since the other praises his success as a fisherman.

“I went to the supermarket to get some corn,” Connor jokes as he and a large group of friends pose with the fish on the deck of the boat. And the comments follow one another congratulating him on fishing until one reminds him that he can hurt sensibilities with these types of photos (but in a very humorous tone):

“Here we are waiting for the people getting nervous because you killed another fish. This one’s good man! “Someone writes. And Connor, who seems to know what he’s up against, replies,”I’m putting more gasoline on the fire“.


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