First child in the Netherlands with monkey pox

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The monkeypox virus was first diagnosed in a child in the Netherlands. It concerns a child of primary school age, says a spokeswoman for the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. It is not yet known how the child contracted the virus. “Given the symptoms, there is in any case no suspicion of abuse,” said the spokeswoman. “A source and contact investigation has been carried out and those involved have been informed.”

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For privacy reasons, the spokeswoman cannot say how the child is now. The monkeypox virus has now been diagnosed in 257 people in the Netherlands, 46 more than last Friday. As far as is known, except for this child, these are in all cases men who have sex with men.

Health organizations have long pointed out that the monkeypox virus does not only spread through sexual contact and that the virus is not only related to the LGBTI community. People can get it after “intensive physical contact”.

Those who contract monkey pox can suffer from fever, headache, muscle aches and general malaise. After a few days, a rash with blisters appears on the skin. Usually people don’t get very sick from an infection.

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