Firm buttocks: the best YouTube videos to train at home

Aim: firm and perfect buttocks. Let’s say that at this point in the year it may be that among our fitness purposes, this is the one that heads our podium of golden challenges. Taking into account that exercise at home has become the prevailing trend -according to Allied Market Research, the digital fitness business is estimated at $ 6.04 billion and is expected to grow, on average, 33.1% annually in 2027-, the goal of this article is to list some of the best videos on Youtube to work your glutes at home. There are many more -type booty workout and you will see – but these are different, practical and effective.

And a recommendation: to strengthen this part of the body Coach Sandra Lordén Álvarez already explained to us what is fundamental prioritize strength work and save cardio for last. “Cardio is secondary and an extra help, but without a good base of strength training we will not get hard and firm glutes,” he said. Obviously, this does not mean that cardio is not done, but the recommendation is not to start a glute training with a cardiovascular session that demands a lot of energy “because we would start the weight session with the muscles already fatigued and without full fuel, for which we could not carry it out at the same intensity ”. Cardio, in this case, is best left for last.

Express and rope

There is no more to see Massy Arias, coach of Kelly Rowland, to understand that you are in good hands when training and, above all, when working the lower body in general and the glutes in particular. The ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of her ‘warrior tribe’ are quite explicit. Although it has several workouts for buttocks -in English and with explanations in Spanish-, we are left with this workout express with elastic bands and rope. It’s the perfect mix of squats, glute bridges, and rope cardio workouts to train effectively in no time. Yes, it is spicy and exhausting, but also perfect for getting results.

With (or WITHOUT) elastic bands

Choe Ting is one of the fitness influencers of 2021 -roads the 20 million subscribers on YouTube- and his videos are one of the most reproduced. It is not for less: they have a beautiful and clear aesthetic (everything adds up) and a few short, effective and very well explained workouts. In fact, this one to work the glutes is a compendium of traditional exercises but articulated in a different and enjoyable way and with a plus: the workout It can be done with or without an elastic band to adapt it to our needs. And best of all: you see both options in the video.

In bar

Gloria Morales, creator of the method Ballet Fit who has hooked a few Spanish celebrities, has on his YouTube channel a few videos to train with his philosophy, a successful mix of ballet exercises combined with other fitness classics in which strength, toning, coordination are worked and balance. As these are ballet-inspired exercises, the lower body is worked a lot, but there are sequences with a single objective: round the buttocks and strengthen the legs. And the best of all is that they are different exercises: standing, on the barre and inspired by all the good things that ballet has when it comes to toning our body.

No sit-ups (and knee-friendly)

Pamela Reif She is not only another of the most influential personal trainers of the moment, but also the owner of one of the best YouTube channels to find the perfect training according to your goals. The purpose of each workout it is very clear. We refer to the tests: this 12 minute promises to “make the glutes grow”, without squats or jumps and with knee exercises.friendly.

With chair

The trainings of Michelle Pain They are quite short, so they are a perfect option to complete a cardio class or to combine several workouts with each other. They have training to work all the parts of the body -and even circuits to do with your dog-, but among all we choose this Express with chair to tone legs and round buttocks. It is different and confirms that glute workouts are not only used by traditional squats and lunges.

With weights

Fitness experts say that in order to tone the buttocks, strength work with weight is essential. And not exactly a light weight that allows us to do many repetitions, but one that makes us try a little more. Precisely this 20 minute video of Mad Fit is a good mix of exercises with elastic bands and weights for, as Maddie herself promises, alma mater of this YouTube channel, “make our glutes grow.” One recommendation: to complete this strength work routine, it would be good to choose one of your Dance Workout to the rhythm of hits of 2021.

The most effective exercises

If there is a trainer on YouTube with an extensive catalog of glute training, that is Patry Jordan. The most influential Spanish coach and creator of Gymvirtual, has a few recommended workouts, although this 28-minute seems one of the most effective. At the end of the day, it introduces all those that are, according to the coaches, the best exercises to strengthen the glutes: squats, hip trust, strides … and so on up to 28 minutes of workout intense.

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