Firefighters tamed the flames in a building in the Bruntál region. The damage is 20 million

“A fire with already visible high flames was reported to the fire brigade’s operations center two minutes before four o’clock in the morning,” spokesman Jakub Kozák confirmed.

Already during the arrival of the first units to the site, the building was completely engulfed in fire. Firefighters managed to pull several cylinders to the welding set and have them cooled in a mobile tank. They also rescued one of the tractors.

“However, a combine harvester, loaders and several other tractors burned inside the building,” Kozák said.

The whole intervention was also complicated by the fire of photovoltaic panels on the building. Firefighters therefore disconnected the panels and the inverter and protected the supporting structures of the roof by cooling.

The units eventually managed to put out the fire. The investigator estimated the preliminary damage at 20 million crowns. Firefighters are still investigating how the fire itself occurred.

Professional firefighters from Krnov and Bruntál and volunteer firefighters from the villages of Slezské Rudoltice, Osoblaha, the City of Albrechtice, Třemešná, Jindřichov, Vrbno pod Pradědem, Liptáň and Krnov intervened on the spot.



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