firefighters save a man who had just hanged himself

A 31-year-old man has decided to end his life on Monday, April 5 in Néronde, a town located in the Loire department. Fortunately the man was saved at the last minute by firefighters.

According to information from Progress, the firefighters were alerted around 11:50 am, by a woman who had just quarreled with her boyfriend, who was threatening to commit suicide. Once there, the firefighters had no choice but to smash the door to enter his home. In the basement, they discovered that the man had just hanged himself.

According to Progress, they managed to cut the rope in time and to place the victim on oxygen before the Samu takes over. The 31-year-old man was evacuated by helicopter to the CHU Nord in Saint-Étienne. Still according to the daily, his days would not be in danger.

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