Firefighters in Přerov evacuated a block of flats due to a fire, looking for a child in a burning apartment

According to her, firefighters had to put on oxygen masks for all three. “They were intoxicated, so they received oxygen therapy and then we referred them to the care of the emergency medical service,” said a spokeswoman.

She described the search for a child in the apartment where the fire broke out as complicated. “It was difficult, the apartment was very smoky, it was difficult for firefighters to find their way around it, but they managed to find the child and take it out,” stated Balážová.

Three fire brigades intervened on the spot. “They managed to locate the fire relatively quickly, they led the intervention inside the building,” the spokeswoman said, adding that firefighters also had to ventilate the heavily smoky building using overpressure ventilation. “Subsequently, most of the house’s inhabitants could return to their apartments,” Balážová added.

The cause of the fire is under investigation. The damage was preliminarily estimated at more than half a million crowns.

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